Temperature Measurement & Disinfection Channel


1.Face recognition and external personnel investigation and file storage Can carryout identity authentication and file storage in areas with high population flow such as shopping malls, stations, communities, factories, etc. 2.Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, factory calibrated by black body radiation source, can measure body temperature without contact at a long distance, can effectively avoid cross infection. Voice prompt for normal body temperature Voice prompt for over temperature alarm 3.Smart display The body temperature display can be adjustable accordingly to the seasonal temperature difference, which can display the human body temperature more accurately. 4.Hand wash smart spray disinfection The temperature measurement area is equipped with an intelligent induction sprayer, non-contact induction spraying, safe and hygienic, and can effectively sterilize the hands. 5.Automatically sense the ultrasonic out of the fog, stop when people walk out A microwave sensor is installed at the equipment port, which can detect the entry of people, start the fog machine by itself,spray the disinfectant into the channel, and stop automatically when the person leaves to avoid liquid waste. 6.Equilibrium spray box to reduce throttling without hurting facial organs The balanced spray method is used in the disinfection channel, instead of directly spraying human facial organs, the mist is more refined and no waste is caused. 7.Bottom circulating waste liquid tank There is a circulation tank inside the disinfection channel, which can collect and process the excess disinfection liquid to avoid pollution to the surrounding environment. 8.Equipment status reminder The device has status reminder displays such as work, liquid shortage, light voice, etc., so that the equipment management staff can accurately grasp the equipment operation status. Real-time trends of various personnel 9.Automatic fluid replacement function The device is equipped with a large-capacity liquid storage tank, with a liquid alarm prompt function to avoid damage to
the Atomization equipment due to lack of liquid, and automatically refills the Atomization tank and stops automatically, which can meet the daily usage 10.External ramp pedal There are non-slip pedals at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient forth elderly and children 11.Lighting auxiliary functions Fully considering the use of different scenes, the channel is equipped with LYD waterproof lights, which can be used at night or in dark places 12.Quick layout and transfer function There are four wheels on the bottom of the device, and there are brakes, which can quickly reach the designated location for quick installation. The device uses 220V household AC power, and the function is less than 800 watts. The installation is simple and fast.

Installation & Use Manual

1. Connect the power .
2.The infrared probe at the top of the door is adjusted to the place where people pass.
3. Unscrew the top cover of the main box and open the main box.
4. First add the disinfectant in the water tank.
5. Then open the electric gate (leakage protector) in the upper left corner of the main box and turn on the power-on indicator in the control panel (indicating that it has been powered on, if it is not turned on, it will not be powered) Wait a little for four to five minutes. The liquid will automatically be converted into a spray and reach the spray port (the spray port can adjust the size of the fog body) to automatically enter the working state.

Dosing device description
There is a customized self-priming water pump, in the spray water tank, self-priming when the liquid is lacking, and automatically stopping when the liquid is full.

Description of each part of the equipment
1. Far infrared sensor
2. Control Panel
3. Induction hand washing device
4. Electrical control box, disinfection liquid box
6. Disinfection area